Patricia Zamba, A Family Law Attorney Who Cares

L  A  W  Y  E  R   /   A  D  V  O  C  A  T  E

Do you need a prenuptual or postnupital agreement?

Would you like adopt a child?

Are you splitting up from your spouse?

Are you involved in a paternity case?

Do you need to seek financial support for yourself and/or your kids?

Do you have a child support order in place, and it needs to be adjusted or enforced?

Is child support being sought from you, and you want to ensure that you are treated fairly?

Has your divorce or paternity case been finalized, and you have custody or other issues that need to be fixed?

Divorce, both agreed upon and contested, paternity, custody, placement, child support, adoptions, termination of parental rights, prenuptial agreements, restraining orders, grandparent rights, post-judgement modifications - whatever the issue, I will be by your side to provide strong, effective representation through your family law matter.  With over 20 years of experience, I have the skills and knowledge to let you know what to expect, to work with you to develop a strategy, and to help you achieve the best possible results.   Don’t go it alone.  I am an experienced family law attorney who cares.  Give me a call at 262-843-3300.