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     Divorce is not an easy process, either emotionally or legally.  You may be thinking about divorce, or you may be ready to file for divorce.   You may be wondering if legal separation, rather than divorce, might be the right solution for you.  

     Collaberative divorce is an alternative to litigated divorce proceedings.  In a collaborative divorce the parties agree in writing to settle their differences outside of court.  The goal is to save the emotional dignity of each person involved, and to reduce legal costs.  It replaces the normal adversarial process in the court with a respectful solution.  In the alternative, some cases are not appropriate for collaberative divorce and will need to be fully and zealously litigated.

     I take great pride in the personal attention I give to every aspect of a client's case, whether it involves anything from divorce negotiations to child custody litigation.  Clients will benefit from my extensive experience in Wisconsin family law and as a Guardian ad Litem, so I can provide you with the specialized attention you may need with family law issues such as divorce, child support, child custody, paternity issues and adoptions in the most cost effective manner.

Patricia Zamba is a divorce attorney whose experience with hundreds of divorce cases allows her to navigate these possibly difficult marital roads with ease.  And her unique experience as one of seven Guardians ad Litem gives her a unique prospective that few other attorney's have.

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