When it comes to lesbian, gay, and transexual legal issues, Zamba Law Office, S.C., is your ally.  I support, advocate for, have personally marched in the streets for marriage equality and have given financially to LGBTQ causes.  As marriage equality unfolds in our state, same-sex couples who are married, are considering marriage or domestic partnership, or are considering divorce are better prepared and are best served when working with a lawyer that has experience in LGBTQ issues.

Not all attorneys understand the unique issues facing same-sex partners.  I am on the cutting edge of this area of law.

Name Changes

LGBTQ individuals sometimes desire to legally change their names to reflect transgender surgery.  Others seek also to change the gender marker in their identity documents.  Navigating the system with experienced counsel can make the process much easier.

Parenting Issues

Same-sex couples have unique legal needs at the time families are formed, especially if children were brought into the marriage by one spouse.  LGBTQ couples need experienced legal counsel to ensure that their parental rights and responsibilities are meaningfully protected and enforced.

Same Sex Divorce

Unfortunate circumstances such as divorce do happen, and thus if a marital relationship ends and decisions regarding the care of children must be made, I am ready to help you navigate through your legal needs


Whether that is preparing a Will, helping you to adopt your partner’s children, dealing with unfortunate circumstances such as divorce, bankruptcy, or dealing with other legal issues, I have the experience and commitment to be there for you.

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I Believe Strongly In Equal Rights For All People.

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